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Food glorious food… a typical bank holiday weekend

June 1, 2010
Well this weekend seemed a long one… I’m sure my stomach is delighted its over – a decadent three day feeding binge which included 2 pizzas, a hell of a lot of seafood, wine, beer and the food of three nations. I suppose though that this is what bank holiday weekends were designed for – an extra day allowing you to put your feet up, fill your belly and just enjoy being alive. God I love food.
On Friday, all the best laid plans went to waste… I wanted to begin the weekend slowly, considering I knew that we were going to be eating out at least twice. However, I fell very quickly into that Friday night rut of “Shall we just get a takeaway?” Better get the chopsticks out. I can recommend Derby’s Oriental Express for a nice Chinese.

On Saturday, we visited Pizza Express in the Westfield Center, Derby. Every time we’ve visited, I’ve been impressed with my meal – a good staple to rely upon for dinner in town, often made cheaper by the vouchers freely available all over the net.

If ever you’re in Watford and you don’t know where to eat, head to L’Artista on the high street – authentic Italian that never fails to impress.

Likewise, I can now vouch for St Albans’ Loch Fynes – perfect for seafood lovers. It’s a chain, so others around the UK may be just as good. Either way I got a wonderfully satisfying bellyfull of a variety of sea critters.

Food glorious food… I’d make the orphans proud.

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