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Game of Thrones S6 E8 review

June 15, 2016

Spoilers again all – don’t do it if you’ve not caught up (but I’ve left enough time this time surely?!)

WOW! I’ve just got over the episode (hence the delay in writing). That was an episode, and while it probably disproves some of my theories, I don’t really care, as it was still awesome!


The Hound bites back

First up, this scene probably had my favourite line of the series “those are your last words?” etc etc. Love it. The hound is back to his usual self, spilling entrails, swiping off heads and deftly cutting throats, what a guy.

The exchange between him and Donadarrion later was just as great, with them discussing who gets which of the non-Brotherhood types who did the slaughtering last episode, and then the Hound’s disappointment at having to just hang them… boring (I agree, Hound!). His is one storyline that I’m really intrigued to follow in terms of what he decides to do next now. I’d love a spin off show in fact “adventures of the Hound”. It’d be amazing.


Cersei moves Mountain’s

… and about time too! It’s nice to see what the blackened face behind the helmet is capable of… namely taking an axe to the chest before ripping a guys head – complete with spinal column – clear off. If nothing else, it was grimly satisfying to see the smile wiped off ol’ cousin Lannister’s symbol tatooed face after Cersei “chose violence”


One thing’s for sure, if The Hound ever does face off against the Mountain, he’d better be ready…


Trial by combat is out

Well there goes my previous idea around Hound vs Mountain for the trial by combat, though in all seriousness, it was looking unlikely last week after the Hound’s new buddies were slaughtered that he would agree to be the Faith’s chosen combatant.

Tommen has been totally sucked in by the Faith and more or less sentenced Cersei to death. Jaime had better get back quick snap if he wants to try and save her, which leads us to…


Riverrun run run Brienne

Well Jaime managed to talk round Edmure, and while I’ve seen others say that they saw the emotional, softer side of Jaime as he talked about his absolute love for Cersei, for me this was somewhat marred when he, in the next breath, described how he would hurl Edmure’s son over the walls of Riverrun if he didn’t get his own way. Bloody entitled rich kids, eh.

I loved Bronn’s wedgy-esque strangulation of Pod. It was the Game of Thrones equivalent of a good “Noogie”.

Anyway, the Blackfish had the measure of the situtation, that Edmure would screw everything up, and as his reward, we didn’t even get to see his last stand. Cheers Edmure.


At least Brienne and Pod were able to slip out on the waterway, and Jaime then gave us another reason not to hate him by simply waving them off.

Oh and I have a feeling that Jaime may well end up regretting giving Brienne that sword.


The mother’s return

I personally enjoyed seeing Tyrion, Melisandre and Greyworm’s exchange around drinking and jokes. Tyrion is clearly trying to re-establish some friends to share in his vineyard’s finest batch some day after seeing off Varys previously. Here’s hoping there’s enough people left by the time we get out the end of this for anyone to have friends at all!

Anyway, they were interrupted by the arrival of the annoyed ex-slave owners, and just when we thought they were up the creek without a paddle, Danerys returned. It was a bit of an anti-climax as no words were exchanged (as far as I can remember). In fact, other than her destruction of the Dothraki Lords, Dany’s part in this season has been pretty mediocre to say the least. Let’s hope for a bit more of action from that side of the world in the last couple of episodes.


The waif got what was coming to her

Well done Arya, you finally cut that bitches head off. I loved the running through the streets scene – it was literally the on-foot version of a good bond car chase.  And just when you think she’s down and out, Arya takes all she’s learnt as a blind fighter, plus everything from Syrio Forel and does that crazy bitch in.



Are you Jaquen me around, mate?

Jaquen seemed somewhat pleased about it all after finding the waif’s mounted, blinded and bloody head int he Hall of Faces; I’m guessing he too found her creepy and weird, but would rather let someone else take care of it.

By the end of his exchange with Arya and that slight grin he gave her, I’m thinking that he had always intended to train her up and then release her back into the wild to go back to Westeros and cross off all the names on her Kill Bill-esque Death List… either that or he was trying to cover up how much he had underestimated her and messed up!



Two more to go

I can’t believe we’ve only got a couple of hours of action left for this season. It’s depressing to think that after that, we’re going to be staring down the barrel of about 10-11 months of Game’s free telly. BUT flip that round – we STILL HAVE TWO HOURS TO GO! And surely, surely they will make these two hours the best of the series.

Roll on Monday.

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