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Killzone 3 – a review

June 13, 2012

Ok, so this review isn’t exactly groundbreaking in its timeliness. The game has been out FOREVER to the point that the multiplayer portion is now entirely free to download and play on the PS3.

But, i finished it, finally. After getting through a couple of other games from start to finish (reviews coming soon) I got round to ***SPOILER ALERT*** getting off of that damned planet, Helgha and sending them their nuclear present.

The story itself, I thought, was pretty cool… from what I can make out. As a recent PS3 convert, I have played neither Killzone 1 or 2, so I was fairly lost to begin with. There wasn’t much in the way of a recap and I kept feeling throughout the game that I was missing some of the jokes/inside references because of my Killzone virginity.

Controls took a little getting used to – as a COD player, the slight rearranging of buttons ended up with me throwing grenades when I was trying to stealth someone with a melee kill, and vice versa, which was frustrating for a while, but the fingers soon got the hang of the layout.

As blast em ups go, it was a fun game, with some great action sequences and some lovely cinematic cutscenes. To me, an Xbox-er until recently, it seems like a good mix of Gears of War, Halo and a bit of COD for good measure (given that your headshot-ing humans rather than aliens).

However, I feel the game was Severely (and I mean Severely with that capital S) let down by its hasty and somewhat disjointed feeling ending. No big boss fight, nothing quite as interesting, just shooting incoming missiles out the sky, pressing a button that ends ALL life on the planet in one go and then watching the characters you’ve been following throughout the whole game pretty much shrug and go “What are we gonna do now then.” A real shame. I’ve been disappointed a lot lately by games endings (see other reviews coming soon as well!) but this one really took the cake. It was like a middle finger up at the player – it didn’t leave you thinking “Wow, I wonder what they’ll do – I must wait for the next game so I can find out” it left you thinking “Wow, did the studio making this run out of money or something before they could write/design/create the ending!” and also “Wow, I’m never wasting all that time on a game from this franchise again!”

Would’ve been a happy 7.5 out of 10 for Killzone 3, but its now a disappointed and frustrated 6 out of 10.

Teachers note would read: could try harder.

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