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The Quotable April 2013 Writing Prompt Micro-fiction (100 words) Contest Winner

April 12, 2016

It was a long, long time ago…

No that’s not the start of a new story of mine, it is a factual representation of the length of time between the events told in this blog post and today. Way back in April 2013 I won a micro-fiction writing contest on the Quotable, a writing website. The contest was to write 100 words based on a prompt by a famous writer. Unfortunately it looks like the good people a the Quotable are hanging up their quills, and the site no longer functions as it used to. To make sure I don’t lose online reprsentation of this enviable win, I’ve decided to publish the prompt and my winning entry here on my own website.

The prompt was “…it was Greek to me.” — William Shakespeare

And here is my (winning) entry:

The palaeographer scratched his head, confused. The slab of granite sat front and centre of the table, surrounded by aged tomes and yellowed, dog-eared books. These letters… there was no doubt; he’d definitely seen them before. But if the carbon dating was accurate, these pre-dated any written language he’d heard of by over four thousand years. He checked the paperwork again. It was conclusive.
“We have unearthed something here” he muttered to his assistant “The symbols on this tablet pre-date Ancient Egyptian, Sumarian even ”
“But isn’t that…”
“Yes” he interrupted; excitement and wonder etched into his face “it’s Greek.”


Who knows, one day I may take this and make it into something a little more substantial; for now, I’m just keeping this as a personal record!

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