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Modern Warfare 3 – quick review

June 14, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 is another of the games I have recently completed on the PS3.

I am a huge fan of the whole COD franchise, especially the modern warfare strain. When the first Modern Warfare came out I couldn’t believe how good it was. The next gen of shooters had landed on consoles and I loved it. The campaigns storyline, variety and characters were fantastic, multiplayer was simply immense, unputdownable, and I couldn’t wait for the next instalment when the sequel was announced.

MW2 was another great one for me though the storyline left me scratching my head a few times and the gameplay hadn’t been changed that much from the first – for me that wasn’t a problem, given how much I had enjoyed it.

MW3 was a brilliant way to tie of the trilogy- I think I’ve enjoyed the multiplayer on this one more than any other FPS – they got the balance spot on for me with this one.

Single player was really enjoyable too, though a few moments left me a little disappointed. SPOILER ALERT by the way…

The demise of Soap seemed like a really unfair and sudden goodbye to the series original protagonist. Yes, it could end just like that if it were real life, but then it’s not real life is it. This is the guy who survived being blown up, before saving himself and Price on the bridge at the end of MW1, who got stabbed in the chest at the end of MW2, then pulled the knife out and threw it into the face of the guy who’d stabbed him, again saving Price. To get blown out the top of a building then dragged through the streets to end up just dying on a table seemed like a bit of a sad way for this hard man to go, especially since at the time you’re having to control the newbie character in the game, who at that point you’re not even entirely sure is a good guy.

Dunno, just doesn’t seem a fitting end somehow. The ending itself was a bit cheesy for me too. But I did get a great sense of satisfaction as I pressed the button combination as Price to finally kill that bastard.

Multiplayer continues to keep me entertained – I actually do ok most of the time and I love the weapons, perks and killstreak flexibility that this game brings. I’m not a prestige-er and never have been, as I don’t generally have too much time to replay through games, so I’d rather not give up all the loot I’ve worked so hard to accumulate over such a long time! I understand why people do it, to give the game longevity and keep things fresh, but I find I can do that just by swapping load outs around, using new weapons etc without resetting all my hard earned unlocks!

Spec ops hasn’t grabbed me and to be fair I’ve not given it time to try it out- if I ever wander from campaign mode I’m all over multiplayer.

Anyway in summary I’m giving it a nice big 8 out of 10.

Teachers comment would read: Not as inspirational as previous work, but fantastic none the less. Well done.

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