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May 25, 2010

I’m in the market for a netbook- my wonderful wife and family are clubbing together to bring me into the 21st century… I’ve been astonished at the choice available. I’m sure these things only appeared a couple of years ago, yet there seems to be hundreds of versions of the things, each seemingly exactly the same as about 100 others. Even netbooks made by the same manufacturer are confusing, with 8 variants on each one, all ever so slightly different, yet somehow exactly the same!!!

Thankfully I’ve settled on one now (I think). The Samsung N220. By all accounts a great netbook… its distinguising feature being an amazing battery life of up to 12 hours…. that remains to be seen, but if its not then all those boasting 8 hours are more than likely talking a load of old tosh as well.

Anyway, fingers crossed on it… hope I’ve made the right choice as I’m fed up of looking around!

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