Omnivolution is currently my main project.

Here’s a quick synposis:

Set in an alternate 1950’s, in which the Cold War has gone horribly wrong, Omnivolution follows the struggles of two remarkable children – Alyona and Jack.

Based in the world-domineering Soviet Union, Alyona is gripped by a strange illness seemingly without cure; her bedside attended by Doctor Grayhawk, a man with unusual and powerful talents.

This tiny girl has the weight of the world on her shoulders and no one can help bear the burden.

Jack is living in the desecration of the United States, but this isn’t even half of his trouble… the nuclear warheads had been twisted and cursed by a strange evil – an evil which now stalks the land.

Jack’s one direction in life – destroy whoever is responsible.

And above it all, Good and Evil rage on in their ever burning battle for dominance. All hangs in the balance, and the fate of these two children may well decide the fate of mankind as we know it.