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The Quotable – March Writing Prompt Contest

March 18, 2013

So, I’ve entered the writing prompt contest for March on the Quotable (

The concept is to write a 100 word micro-story based on the prompt provided. In this instance a visual prompt of Greek characters, and a quote: “…it was Greek to me.” – William Shakespeare.

There’s currently only one other entrant, so its not exactly the most highly contested or sought after of competitions, but the prize for the victor isn’t to be sniffed at – entry into a competition to win a copy of the Quotable, and publication in the Summer 2013 edition (a publishing credit).

The rules are simple – the entries are written as comments to the initial contest post. Visitors to the page can give a thumbs up to the entry that they like the most. The entry with the most thumbs up at the end of the month wins.

So if anyone actually ever lands on this blog, please do me the honour of giving me a big thumbs up on the contest page! 

What’s more, the prompt has actually worked and got me thinking about a potential story running off the back of the 100 words I’ve entered!

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